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Load Test of Commissioning of Mobile Batching Plant

2016-07-15 13:44:25

The Load Test of Commissioning of Mobile Batching Plant:

Firstly, the load test of mobile batching plant should adopt the manual operation, in order to troubleshoot test of various components. Once some issues occur during the test, must stop the mobile batching plant to check the issue. When accomplish the troubleshooting, to start the nest test. The Test should be troubleshooting as the item which the manufacturer provide with and do the record. After comfirming the whole components of mobile batching plant can run smoothly, the automatic operation can be run. First to set up the each material zero, so that the mobile batching plant can be in a automatic running. During the running of mobile batching plant, to observe the functioning of each device carefully, once there is an abnorma reaction, to stop the inspection immediately, then make a troubleshooting.


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